GIFT CARD for Personalised Natal Moon Watercolour Painting
Siina McCallum

GIFT CARD for Personalised Natal Moon Watercolour Painting

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When you buy your loved one a gift card for Personalised Natal Moon Watercolour Painting, they can place the order themselves and I will be contacting them directly about the details. This will take the stress of placing the order early enough for the final piece to actually arrive for the special day!

In astrology the Moon is about our emotions. It represents our heart and soul, our deep emotional needs and what we need to feel happy. It gives us clues to how we can best nurture and look after our emotional body.

I create a watercolour painting based on your astrological birth chart. I hold the intention to capture the energy and mood of your natal Moon.

This is a wonderful gift to celebrate a new baby or a birthday or simply to treat yourself!

Soon after you place an order, I will get in touch with you to ask for your (or the person who the painting is for) birthday, -time and -place. This information is needed so that I can find out exactly where the Moon was at the time of your birth! This is also a chance for us to connect, and for you to tell me about any other relevant information or elements you would like to see in the painting.

Comes with a short written natal Moon reading!

Each painting is lovingly painted o A4 100% cotton, 300GSM archive quality fine art paper.