Hi, I’m Siina, Finnish Australian artist & astrologer.

After living in Australia for close to 15 years, I have recently relocated to my homeland Finland with my husband and our daughter. 

My training

I did my university degree in Anthropology. After graduating I continued to study the human experience through yoga, meditation and astrology, and today for me this experience translates into art.

The training that finally set my course to focus more in my art took place in 2018, with a master teacher who was my 2 year old daughter. I majored with expressive painting and intuitive colour combination. 

My art

I like to draw and paint things I see in nature. I call these pieces ‘nature studies’ and some of these works end up as fine art prints. The shapes, tones and elements from these small pieces often translate into my larger, more abstract works.

I paint intuitively. While I continuously study, practice and experiment with different techniques, I like to drop out of my head and into my body when I paint. I try not to judge what appears on the canvas, but allow that to guide the next element, and trust the process.


The night sky and astrology remain a big inspiration to me. I have found astrology a valuable tool in navigating this crazy experience of being human, and love to share the gifts of astrology by offering consultations (always welcome to get in touch). I have also been painting astrological paintings for my clients, where my intention is to capture the energy of their unique astrological birth chart into a painting.

Thanks for visiting!