Hi, I’m Siina, Finnish Australian artist and astrologer. After a year of grounding and reconnecting in my native land Finland, I have recently relocated back to Australia together with my husband and our daughter. Living and creating in the beautiful region of Illawarra NSW, I'm grateful for the closeness of the ocean and the lush wildlife. 

Whenever I try to describe my art, I seem to change it all up the next day. I would have to say though that I’m a maximalist as an artist. Just like life itself, I allow my art to be messy and undefined… I truly feel it’s there, in the midst of the mess, where the magic happens. 

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree from Macquarie University in Sydney, with major in Anthropology. I have sought teachings in the practice of visual arts from other artists around the world through workshops and short courses. Inspired by the sacredness in the mundane, I currently I find myself painting florals and still life with a somewhat fantastical twist.

To me art is an embodied experience and I paint intuitively. While I continuously study, practice and experiment with different techniques, I like to drop out of my head and into my body when I paint. I try not to judge what appears on the canvas, but allow that to guide the next element and trust the process. 

I’m also a professional astrologer and love the way art and astrology balances each other in my life. I’m honored to write a monthly astrology column for International Energetic Healing Association, and am a proud practitioner at SoulAdvisor. Over the years I have also painted custom watercolor pieces based on my client’s astrological birth charts and absolutely love combining art and astrology in this way.

Thank you so much for visiting my little corner of the world wide web! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions at all - always love to hear from you! 

Siina xx 


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